Cash cows during the next financial crisis

Now we’ve seen what the next crisis is expected to cause. We’ve also seen that there are people have found growth opportunities (or at the very least, survival opportunities) in any crisis. So let’s now see which businesses are more likely to survive the next crisis. If the crisis is going to be harsher, I think some of them will stand out of the crowd, will get more form the market share, add value to their customers and increase their income drastically, even getting to a billion with the right cash cow.

But first, I urged you to think about the fields that will be successful during the next financial downturn. Have you done that? Have you found the next cash cows that will be the best opportunities to help you succeed and achieve the first billion? Now you have a lot of past data and information about the market, share market, stock market and new opportunities that might arise, also news about past and future scenarios, so why not read them all? Learn NOW, as much as you can, prepare some cash aside and be ready to get your hands on the best cash cow that comes your way during hard time.

As I said at the end of our previous article, there are many sites providing information about how individuals and families should prepare for an economic downturn. Some say that this information is not helpful, but I think it is crucial for finding opportunities for your business even when you think there may be none! Why? Just as Paco Lopez said, “In times of crises, there are two kinds of people: the ones who cry, and the ones who sell handkerchiefs to those who cry!” Which one would you like to be?

I think there are some fields where you can ALREADY start to grow a business that is destined for success in times of financial collapse, when others will disappear in less then a year while others will increase their cash flow and may also reach a billion dollars in revenue. However, you can also start a business that transcends the collapse by meeting a strong need during the collapse. We will discuss a lot about this in our next article.

Let`s clarify something: we are going to discuss just the main fields that will get you through the recession more easily. However, some businesses in other fields will not make it more than a few months, or a year. There is always going to be a need for someone to fix a broken water pipe, so why not prepare yourself to be that guy when others sink.

cash cows during crisis

Generally, crises show that small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers are more adaptable during times of economical disasters—because they provide better quality, move faster, know how to negotiate prices, and are self-motivated to get cash and increase their income by providing value back. (We will soon see the secret about attracting clients by increasing their happiness, which will lead to a constant cash flow. During hyperinflation, they will be happy to find someone with accessible prices, much more than now!) So the main industries that will withstand the economic downturn are:


I mention this business first, because I have a feeling that there will be a food worldwide problem before the financial recession strikes. Food providers will be the absolute winners. Regardless of what happens, people have to eat. You can survive without a new car, but you cannot survive without food. (Speaking of new cars, we will later address whether or not the auto industry will flourish later—and in which domains.)

Online, there are many lists of foods that people are advised to buy and store for the next financial crisis. They are very good lists, which reveal opportunities to invest in businesses that produce or deliver foods, such as: rice, beans, oatmeal, canned meats, canned vegetables, canned fruit, honey, and salt. Specifically, these food-service providers will survive and flourish during the turbulent time coming for years and years, billion of years:

1.Anyone who grow plants. These people will flourish if they can keep the food safe during all kinds of weather including catastrophes), and protect them from hungry plunderers.

Here’s one small hint: make them as easy to grow as possible, so you don’t have to invest much time on a daily basis, and make it intensive. Are you familiar with the miraculous solutions of parma-culture? If not, you should prepare to access some good resources and learn more about it. But for a better chance at thriving, you need to start today! So which food-service providers will flourish during the crisis?

2. Anyone who produces canned foods that people buy during crises. Retail or wholesale resellers of foods that people buy during crises will increase their income drastically and may thrive for years and years to come after the crises.

3. Restaurants that adapt. Restaurants with affordable food will flourish during a downturn, as long as they respect everything discussed in our articles. Of course, expensive restaurants either won’t survive, or will devour each other. Some will fail, which will allow others to take over their clientele and increase market share and cash flow. In our next article we will analyze a special offer about preparations that made a restaurant thrive during the 2008 economic recession and how they increased value per one customer and income.


It’s even more lucrative to produce clean, purified drinking water. If the collapse affects local governments and utilities, then water will no longer be readily available. Without food, you can manage for a while, but without water, you will die. And you can decrease your hunger by making soup, but you also need water to even make soup!

Can you see how we start gathering information to find REAL solutions during the next recession? And this is only the beginning… Other fields that will be successful during the next financial crisis are…

Goods of immediate necessity

These goods are  the ones mentioned on the sites that specialize in crisis preparation that people have started to stock in their houses from the first signs of storm.

They include woolen socks, woolen sweaters, shoes, clothing (new and used), blankets, animal food, animal repellent, trash bags, axes, flashlights, sewing kits, batteries, safety pins, and even dental floss.

And don’t forget entertainment! It might sound trivial, but the truth is that our entertainment-addicted society would become very bored and frustrated if the grid suddenly went down for an extended period of time. Card games, books, and other basic forms of entertainment can make it much easier to endure a crisis. The question is: Will they be bought or will they be pirated?  Will people buy them or pirate them? What do you think may be the right answer?

Regarding clothing, I think it would be good to take a look at a useful experience in poor countries. Second-hand clothes are in high demand in poor or impoverished populations, which will continue during the crisis. People who will see their fortunes ruined because of hyperinflation will not be able to afford new clothes, and they will definitely not be able to afford designer clothing. However, much second-hand clothing is barely worn. (I’ve seen some clothes in stores with the labels still on!) Yes, the second-hand clothing business will explode and has the potential to become a billion dollar business, taking on a big slice of new clothes market share, since people will experience income decreases but will still need clothes to get out of the house.

Now that you have seen a few ideas of how a cash cow might look during turbulent times, you may start gathering more data around the subject of your interest and even decide to reorient cash flow towards a new opportunity that will help you last during the crises or even thrive. Since you have already understood that cash will start to circulate slower during an economical storm, you need to find a cash cow that will help you keep your business, even though this may mean to rethink it from scratch and reinvent yourself. Be open to change since you don’t want your income to drop or even go bankrupt and go back to struggling for a living. Take into account that while some companies will die in less than a year since the downturn will strike, there is still at least on cash cow waiting for you to put your hands on it and gain market share. According to past crises news and data, and information and news about the one coming, stocks will drop drastically so they might be a good place to start looking IF, only if, you have some basic knowledge about the field. Either way, a certain cash cow is the perfect opportunity for you if you are willing to look for it, see it and grab it.

The international market is in continuous change and if you want to be present on the market for more than a year, you must adapt fast. Therefore, do not put all your eggs in one basket and do not get emotionally attached to one product or service that may not be much needed during hard time. Permanent market research is vital in order to always be up to date with all important news, data, information and be able to respond to new customer needs that may help you get back on your feet when you go down.

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