Coronavirus Practical Guide

The worldwide pandemic that is on everyone’s lips appeared in December 2019 and started from Wuhan, China. Until now, there are only over 1 million cases around the world, only a few countries that were not affected, over 213.000 recoveries and over 53.000 deaths. COVID-19 has spread at a very high pace and this created panic through the global population.

Due to confusing information and fake news, most people do not understand exactly what they need to do in order to protect themselves against this virus. Therefore, I decided to gather all information available, from trustworthy sources and give you the most complete Safety Guide in order to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. In addition, you will get the big picture of this pandemic, how it is spreading, how it is transmitted between humans and what are the early signs that you should be aware of.

Seasonal influenzas are already a wide known thing, so how do you differentiate a seasonal common flu from the new coronavirus? Moreover, you need to be aware if you find yourself in a so-called Red Zone as you will need to take more care of yourself and stay in your home as much as possible. Practically, this virus, such as any virus attacks your immunity system, so you will need to do something to boost your immunity up.

Before the outbreak you need to plan so that you will be prepared and act once the outbreak has occurred into your city and to know what you have to do after the pandemic is gone. It is important to be prepared for a total lockdown if thing get bad. Also, what protective measures should be implemented in schools in order to prevent illness, if they are not already closed by now.

Do you really need to travel right now? Then you should know how to protect yourself against coronavirus, in order to get back home safe.

Get this Ebook now, until it’s not banned as all other books on this subject.

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