How Can We Get a clearer picture of the next financial crisis

Think logically: whatever happens, it won’t last forever. If it lasts forever, it’s the apocalypse, not crisis. Your business may be closed for days or weeks, during which no one will be able to make money (including your employees, suppliers, or collaborators). Instead of inflation being at about 2%, it could be much higher, as we can see in our next meeting. International trade would shrink by 65%, so only 35% will remain. That’s what occurred during the Great Depression.[1]

Sounds like bad news, right? On the contrary, I think it’s good news for you, since you’re reading this article! However, if 65% of businesses collapse, is it logical that 35% of businesses will survive? That’s one out of three. In other words, there could be an opportunity to develop your business and adapt fast in order to survive the next financial crisis and be prepared for when the financial system will collapse! But will your business be one of the 35%? Yes, if you follow my instructions with great attention to detail, and take action about everything we discuss in ALL our articles.

Till then, keep in mind that your business might go during the next crisis in a different direction than it’s going now as all financial crises have changed economy markets all over the world, from federal reserve of each country to wall street companies and interest rates from banks!

For example, if we return to a economy based on bartering, we will not have so many payments with money so a global financial crisis might not be so bad. But, can you imagine New York business people walking down on wall street with a sheep in their bag?

Then there will be a healthier economy. I promised a meeting that listed more than 15 domains where I think businesses will thrive during next financial crisis. And in a short amount of time, you’re going to have to move your business to those domains—or die.

Till then, have you ever thought about what will remain of your business during the next financial crisis? We must conserve our reputations NOW, and believe that we can build and defend it. You will see that you should build trust in all your customers at all costs and stimulate the economy opportunities TODAY! In addition, you need to ONLY keep those employees around you who want to do good work, assist you, and help you prepare for the next financial crisis.

financial crisis
What’s the worst thing that could happen if all financial markets collapse?

Personally, I think the next financial crisis will be a real disaster. Perhaps the monetary system will collapse, the banking system and the federal reserve will be overwhelmed and interest rates will increase fast. You may offer a bracelet for a sack of wheat, and no one will be willing to trade. Well, in that time, your business won’t work. It will be better to close the doors.

But after a while, things will get better. The world has never been destroyed after a financial crisis. As I just said, it won’t last forever. It`s financial crisis, not the apocalypse and central banks will get back to normal, but will you?

However, here’s a gruesome example of death means by starvation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4dKNNRHRdc.

And this award-winning documentary, narrated by Meryl Streep examines the Stalinist horrors against Ukrainian people in the former Soviet Union during the 1930’s and 40’s, when an estimated twenty million people lost their lives—some in labor camps, others in state-induced famines, and still others in crimes against the state.

Seeing such videos like the ones above, the question remains: what will happen to your business when financial system and banking system collapses and all markets fall down along site the federal reserve?

If you do other searches, you will see something paradoxical: despite the fact that the destruction of an entire nation was the goal, they never succeeded.

For instance, now Ukraine is a nation. Many Ukrainians died, but somehow, things moved forward. Many others thrived in honest businesses. And some people who lived through times of famine survived. Do not forget what I have said many times: you must prepare now. 60-65% of business will falter, BUT 35-40% of business will succeed. Which group do you want to be in once the financial crisis strikes? You need to pay attention at which markets collapse first and learn from their mistakes.

In our next article we will see the secret teachings that the history of crises brings. I studied it, and once I understood the red zone in any financial crisis, I knew that my business would thrive. I bet you want to say the same, don’t you? I will outline the lessons that we can learn from financial downturns. In particular, we will see that hyperinflation is often a twin sister of financial crisis. With so many cumulative bubbles, I wonder if there is any point in saying that “the 2008 Wall Street created financial crisis will look like a walk in the park compared to what’s coming down the pike now.”[2]

Together, we will answer the questions as we discuss The History of The Crisis. Which is next time. We will find fantastic teachings about the opportunities that the last financial crises brought for prepared business people. And you will be one of them. You need to understand that when a financial downturn strikes, banks and federal reserve are not a sustainable partner to help you thrive as interest rates will go higher and banks will be overwhelmed, as well as the federal reserve will get out of money soon enough. You are on your own, that is what I’m here to help!

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