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During the next financial crisis, 60-65% of businesses might fail.
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During a period of economic decline for other companies,
I achieved very good economic results for my clients.

Testimonial from customers I successfully advised to prepare for the last crisis:

Now I’m offering the Only Online Course that Properly Prepares Your Business for a Crisis.

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This course is going to give you everything you’ll need to navigate
the stormy waves of the next crisis.
Between the ages of 15 and 35, my country had seven economic crises, and I learned a lot by observing them. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to discover the secret recipes for thriving during different types of financial crises.
And I’ve shared some of these secret techniques with my customers.

Do you need to know them, too? If so…

I am prepared to show you, as I showed my successful customers:

  • How the next financial crisis will occur

  • The secret, helpful teachings of the previous economic crises

  • The industries that will succeed during the next financial crisis

  • How to attract customers now, who will remain loyal during a crisis

  • How to keep only the right employees, who will help you successfully navigate during the next crisis

  • The Only 4 Partnerships Models that create opportunities to thrive during the next crisis

  • How to establish the correct direction you want your business to go in during the next crisis

  • What can you include in contracts now, which will protect you during the next crisis?

  • How to cut costs before and during the crisis

  • Shortcuts to quality before a crisis

  • Shortcuts to bankruptcy during a crisis (Your competitors will fail. Find out the reasons why!)

And many more!

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In the next crisis, do YOU want to be free to do what you want to prosper? Or would you prefer to do what you are forced to do, just to survive?
Then take care of your business, NOW, while there’s still time.

“I think it’s too soon to think about it”. Yeah, a lot of people think so…

You probably read or know of businesses that collapsed/crashed in 2009-2010; starting with Goldman Sachs and moving on to other “too-big-to-fail” companies, you have seen too well where things can go if you pretend everything is good when in fact nothing is currently constructed to withstand a serious crisis.

If you feel tempted to think this way, ask yourself: “What am I trying to avoid? If I deny it, does that mean it’s not going to happen?”

In fact, the sooner you start, the easier it will be when the crisis hits. Trying to make a plan when the crisis has already hit is like building a shelter when the storm has already begun.

Many experts have warned us that we should PREPARE for something far worse than the 2008 crisis.

PREPARE… If Not Now, When?

Why don’t we get ready now, while there’s still time to do it? Why not take advantage of the calm before the storm, so we can make the most of strategies that will sustain us during the next crisis?

And how should we prepare? Let’s prepare for the worst and be happy if it’s not as bad as we imagined. Let’s make a plan that includes anything we can’t control in our business.

The history of crises always shows one rule without exception: only those people who discern the correct information, and have prepared themselves correctly have thrived during crises.

Let me tell you a story…

A man planted a sapling. After a while, the man saw that the little tree had begun to twist a little.

He ignored it, left it to grow. After a few weeks, he noticed the tree was even more crooked.

The man ignored it again. When the first storm came, the tree broke. And all because the man did not act when it was easy to do so. If you want to be relaxed during the crisis, let’s talk NOW about

Help Your Business Thrive during the Next Economic Crisis: Secret Proven Strategies to Win without Spending Money on Specialists

But not only talk. Act, act, act! Quickly and easily, as long as there is time.

If you do not decide to take your destiny in your own hands now, you will have to do it when the financial tsunami comes. Goldman Sachs shows that at that point, it will be too late. It’s better to decide NOW to take care of your business.

Have you decided WHO’s gonna be the winner?

You? Or your competitors, maybe?

YOU, of course!

But START now!

Quickly and easily reinvent your own business!

Just get rid of the underperforming aspects of your business!

Put your business on autopilot so that YOU be preparred to thrive!

Would you LOVE COMPLETE and HARMONIZED, easy-to-apply solutions, for a ridiculous price?

I give you everything that made my clients the shining stars of the previous crisis and everything that I tell my clients NOW, when the countdown to the next crisis has begun

I give you all my tested and proven strategies from the former crisis

Successful solutions derived from the history of crises matched with secret cash-cows during the next crisis

Solutions for partnerships perfectly matched with team management that you MUST change before the crisis, so that you have a chance

Successful strategies and secret solutions from the crises of the last 300 years synchronized with the secret clauses in contracts that save you from 99% of the issues

Marketing solutions harmonized with human resources solutions

I offer them ALL to you. Has anyone ever offered you such complete and easy and applicable solutions?

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Proven Strategies for Winning during a Crisis
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YOUR business will quickly adapt to the next crisis.


You will have FREE UPGRADES of every lesson – use them whenever you need!

Remember, these courses include VIDEOS. They will show you solutions to the most common problems that could occur before the crisis. I’ve tested these solutions and my clients tested and applied them, in order to prepare for the next crisis. If YOU apply them, then YOU WILL THRIVE during the crisis, even if most of  your competitors collapse.


Bonus #1
for each lesson:
Extensive Information
in Writing

At the beginning of every lesson, you’ll receive written notes (including an eBook) that covers everything you need to QUICKLY learn how to succeed during the next crisis! In other words, you’ll receive extensive information that expands on what we’ve covered in our meetings.

Real Value: Between $49 and $97 PER MEETING.

Bonus #2
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Extensive Information
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These audiobooks will explain exactly what you need to do. One of my collaborators, Aida, will guide you through solutions. So you can listen to her while you’re driving or working out.

Real Value: Between $49 and $97 PER MEETING.

Bonus #3
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Specific Sources of Information
about Your Business

These sources will be specifically tailored to your business. They’ll include models, methods, books, and websites that will deepen your knowledge (but keep you preparing FAST).

Real Value: Between $49 and $89 PER MEETING.

Bonus #4
for each lesson:
Strategic Directions and
Practical Exercises

These tested methods are sure to help you thrive during the next crisis.

(I charged my clients $5,250 – $9,750 for these methods – but FOR YOU are FREEBONUS 🙂 – if you ACT NOW)

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My Course, Help Your Business Thrive during the Next Economic Crisis: Secret Proven Strategies to Win without Spending Money on Specialists, will show you exactly how to find simple, tested techniques that will quickly work to prevent your business from going bankrupt during the next crisis.

It will take you by the hand and create a step-by-step plan for thriving during the next crisis.
And it will help you take customers from your competitors if they fail during the next economic crisis.

Yes, there will be victims.

But this course is not  for victims.

It’s not for losers.

It’s for you, to thrive, to be between the 35-40% of businesses who will succeed, AND take the customers from the competitors who fail !

See WHY this course is for YOU !

So Here's the Bottom Line for Helping Your Business
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If you act NOW, you will receive:

• ALL the solutions you need to thrive during the next crisis
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• 4 bonus / lesson – guaranteed – PLUS Secret Bonuses
• A Total Value of $4,000 – $8,000 in Bonuses!
• Free solutions for YOUR business to thrive
• FREE upgrades at your disposal – whenever you need!
(interviews, tools, hidden consequences of the global events – for your business).

After this offer ends, the price will come to $99 / month, so…

1. Save time

Apply quick, tested procedures that have been “tried by fire” during the former crisis.

Find out the secret shortcuts to success from the 17th to 21st centuries.

My 10-minute pre-built tools & processes (which would normally cost $4,000 – $8,000 but are FREE for you if you subscribe NOW) allow you to focus on your business while making the necessary adjustments.

…so that your business can become the living legend of the next crisis.

2. Make your customers beg YOU take their money

In the next crisis, the winners will have it ALL: money, recognition, huge market share, the most profitable employees. Everything.

The secret is to keep close ONLY the customers that count. My quick models that have been proved to WORK during the last crisis will captivate you, and work better for YOU now!


I explain in detail the tested models and techniques that helped my wife prepare her business for the next crisis.

Would you love to have your customers beg YOU – not your competitors – to take their money?

The $5,750 model that helped my client be awarded First Prize by the International Union of Public Transportation for company’s performance during the former crisis. You saw my client’s testimonial above. Thhe $5,750 model is FREE for you, but only if you catch one seat at the winners’ table!

3. Get your employees to want to go above and beyond to help your business

Don’t overwhelm your employees with more stress than they will already have during the next crisis! Making the necessary changes before the crisis hits can be a breeze, if you start now – and you will be set for success.

How can you prepare your team for the next crisis, without paying consultants thousands of dollars or euros? It’s simple, if you know and master a few key points that I discovered and tested (and simplified for you over the past few years).

There are many sophisticated, complex, expensive, and time-consuming assessments. In my experience, the results are only slightly better than a simple, easy to apply evaluation tool that I’m giving you as a bonus in Lesson #8 in my course.

Easily prepare your employees before the crisis, so that they will be astonishing models of performance!

4. Avoid any risks of failure

The video course I created, “How to Prepare Your Business for the Next Crisis (Without Spending Money on Specialists!)” helps you reduce the risk of bankruptcy to a minimum through:

  • pre-tested models that work
  • easy-to-apply solutions
  • solutions to navigate your business through every critical moment.

My team and I ensured that we covered all the possible needs of small and medium sized businesses.

And if you need a more personalized solution, just let us know – we are on your side!

5. Minimize your costs

Keep your resources focused on the projects that truly move the needle for your organization.

If I fail to fulfill any of these promises, then you will receive a full refund.
No Questions Asked!!
As you can see, all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so….

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To Your Success,

Horatiu Sasu

Your Pre-Crisis Business Consultant

As the crisis approaches, the prices are only going to go up! So Act NOW, while there’s still time!

P.S.- Surely, many people will go bankrupt during the next crisis. Doesn’t that sound horrifying? However, some people will save their business, and will even thrive. Do you want to be able to QUICKLY prepare to be among the winners?