Nesara law – money without coverage. How will the economic security be affected?

economic security and reformation

What does Nesara mean? It is the abbreviation for National Economic Security and Reformation Act.

As can be seen in the official media, especially in recent economic TV shows, there is more and more mention of a new global financial crisis that will start soon. References are made to top economists, who make this forecast, probably taking into account the evolution of the current global economy and the pandemic that stroke worldwide. Here are two aspects that are not taken into account or are not revealed to us, being known.

One is that behind the scenes there is a terrible battle between the old economic forces (Rothschild family) that still hold the reins of world finances and the new force that rises to transform this outdated, Babylonian, world system into a healthy one through NESARA law and Global Financial

The Reset.

There is no word about these things in the official media. The second aspect would be that these economists probably do not know about all this, they cannot talk and through these warnings, they probably warn us that the premeditated (by the Kabbalists) of this crisis will follow (as they have always done since throughout history, the last being that of 2008), and this can lead to a total collapse of the world economy. This being the “ace up his sleeve” of the old system, if their surrender negotiations fail and they will act according to the saying: “after us can come the flood”.

Here is detailed information from laQAnon on this subject that should interest us all, because we are one step away from the great financial change on a global scale.

In 1871, the US counterfeit monetary system was formed under the corporation of US Inc. (registered in the naval registry of Poerto Rico, n.b.) and in 1913 linked to the Federal Reserve which was connected to central banks around the globe, all owned by Rothschild Kabbalists. The Bank of England was the primary bank of the old Kabbalah system, with all the sums rolled through the Vatican before returning to where governments were forced to lend them, only to later recover them from everyone’s accounts in Kabbalah’s accounts. of interest and taxes. Until 1932, the Reserve printed fiat currency so much that the United States went bankrupt and no longer met the gold standard. The fiat system lasted between 1913 and 2012, when the United States went bankrupt and the Chinese were primary creditors.

The new American republic brings America back to its original constitution and its own asset-backed currency, controlled by a benevolent system through the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) of the Chinese Elders. A complete global monetary revaluation is a key component for the future of this planet. Its fulfillment depends on a level playing field that will take place as the RV takes place. Each country must become financially stable with its own economy and in trade with other countries. This will be done because RV will be the catalyst for this change.

Even the global Khazar mafia withdrew when it found out the true purpose of the controls that were placed on the RV process. The White Dragon Company has installed huge controls on money and there is no way to misuse it due to all the information they have acquired so far. We humans will get out of the mud and see that we will get things right and clean our house. Once the new financial system is in place, all currencies will be changed from fiat to the one covered in gold.

All RV funds will be protected under the new financial system which is hosted on a quantum computer. This quantum computer was built mainly with teams of Chinese engineers, in collaboration with other engineering teams of Alliance members (in collaboration with our galactic brothers, n.b.). Bankers will not be able to access any of these funds without the permission of the Global Contracts Supervisory Authority, and this computer will not be able to be hacked (it is extraterrestrial technology, n.b.).

Debt relief (interest):

These banks must be audited and all the goods belonging to the nations must be taken back from the people who execute this fraudulent scheme, which has continuously caught people in wars and false debts. Great care will be taken to investigate, audit and gain full control over the monetary system held by a private corporation and central banks around the world. A full audit of all gold holdings of all central banks will have to be coordinated simultaneously, as this gold is the property of the population. Once central banks are audited and all their assets are frozen by their respective Treasury departments, it is recommended that the US and other Member States not pay their debts to their corrupt private owners.

The plan is that the Fed and the central banks will declare bankruptcy, and the respective Treasuries will take over, on behalf of the citizens, all the assets of the Reserve and of all the other Central Banks. All these trillions in debt will either be abandoned through bankruptcy, or the treasury of those governments may print useless fiat currency to pay off the debt. It is important to understand that the closure of Central Banks will not affect currency, bonds or stock markets. All three are currently controlled by the Stock Exchange Stabilization Fund with backdoor transactions conducted by the FSB and the United States Treasury. The FSB has been shown to control all three “free” markets.

As noted by the numerous processes of “fixing” gold, silver and interest rates deposited against major international banks, the US Treasury, the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the US Futures Trading Commission are aware of the fact that the markets are “fixed”. Sanctions have been imposed against these important banks for establishing markets. The US Treasury cannot allow markets to “act wildly.”

Cleaning the House and Eradicating Globalism – part of the economic security and reformation act?

Is the new economic security and reformation act meant to implement new prosperity programs sustained by the law? There are a lot of wrong information circulation around the internet about economic security and reformation (nesara law), and a lot of great business people and public figures are debating it, such as James Rink, Dennis Kucinich, Jennifer Lee, Shaini Goodwin, Ron Paul, some wanting to be white knights, while others just express their opinion.

Finally, Trump can end the American fiat currency and create a new currency with a base to support it, including gold, silver, other precious metals and commodities. The old “Federal Reserve banknotes” will become useless after a recall of the old currency, which will make useless the money that was not taxed and was kept in offshore accounts and tax havens. This action will immediately eliminate all offshore money, drug money, stolen and laundered money and coins held by foreign nations that have been illegally siphoned from countries. The new currency will be established after gold hidden by the CIA and assets were audited and confiscated by the United States Treasury.

No one knows how many thousands of tons of gold from the wars the CIA stole, specifically George H. W. Bush’s Barrick Gold Corporation, but it is enough to turn the world’s gold balance in America. This gold will eliminate globalism from the current monetary system that is controlled by the same shareholders who hold the majority of shares in major defense corporations and all major multinationals (Industrial Military Complex) – all global bankers who lend money and sell weapons to enemies, with who claim to be fighting.

Trillion and a half trillion dollars in the derivatives markets are controlled by the Bank for International Settlements BIS, the most corrupt bank in the world. BIS must simply be eliminated along with all derivatives and hedge funds.

In the next stage, the Council for External Relations, CFR, is dissolved. The Patriots must continue to demand that the transnational, international, globalized, Jesuit-controlled, Rockefeller-funded, CFR-funded war machine be dissolved and its war policies destroyed. This anti-American group has been deciding US foreign policy for decades and has told presidents what to do and what not to do.

Closing of the New York Stock Exchange – what would it mean for United States National Economic Security

New York Stock Exchange and owner of Intercontinental Exchange Inc. (ICE), which is the strongest player in stocks, bonds, mortgage-backed securities, futures and derivatives markets must be closed. Basically, ICE is the largest “gambling casino” in the world with fractional investment, high-speed trading and full control of the so-called “markets” that govern investment and pension capital. A quadrillion is the number of transactions per year that take place on the New York Stock Exchange, all of which are virtually taxable throughout the investment year. Markets are scams run by ICE “gambling casinos”. It doesn’t have to exist at all. Each of the 12,000 companies on the NY Stock Exchange can raise their own capital privately, and then there will be no “long and short”, futures, hedging, derivatives or other “legal forms of gambling”.

Stock markets, such as central banks, can simply close. There are private corporations that work hard to steal from the public. In addition, some of the things that should be completed or should be changed is the Closure of the Electronic Mortgage Registration System. Changing the banking rules and concluding the Glass-Steagallcare Act allows commercial bankers to also be investment bankers – which is simply privileged trading. Closing derivative swaps, fractional banking, investment banking and replacing them with state-owned banks, land banks, community banks and postal banks. What do you think would happen with the economic security around the world? How about the national economic security of the US? Trump has directly addressed these issues repeatedly, which would really change the criminal activities of banks and brokers. In order to protect the national economic from the nesara law, security and reformation act will need to be updated. Of course, conspiracy theorists already started to launch different stories, related to september 11 2001, the U.S. government , internet attacks to social security, supreme court attached, interest rate dropping, money supply disappearing, rainbow currency and sales tax increasing. Other popular conspiracy theory is related to the pandemic around the world. They believe that government officials all over the world are hiding information from people, abuse the constitutional law and are ready to implement the martial law for those who do not obey. Business people are affected by this national economic situation and, the most part of the guilt is held by highly influential people. members of world court, world governments and secret service.

The conspiracy theory presents the twin towers effect, implying that sales tax will get very high that business people won’t be able to pay them anymore and would need to get a new credit card in order to be able to pay income tax and keep their business. There will be a world court that will judge people over the internet through a very secured web site. 🙂 I am just joking, we are not here to discuss conspiracies, we are here to see how the nesara law could affect us and our national economic security.

The end of Food and Drug Administration control – the monstrous FDA. Stopping Monsanto’s poisonous glyphosates, pharmaceutical poisons, pharmaceutical control of vaccines, immunity of drug companies and mandatory vaccinations to end. Lobbyists or Monsanto or Big Pharma employees will not be allowed to be present anywhere near the government.

Securing American borders to protect American citizens. Enforcement of all immigration laws and rules. The end of all sanctuary cities. Deportation of all illegal citizens and compliance with all U.S. immigration laws. Deadlines for Congress. Creating deadlines for all members of Congress and the federal state.

Electoral regulations will change, so that only public dollars will support candidates and not Corporate Superior Pacts, led by corporate donations. Trump has said he supports term limits and political reform that ends control of Washington by career politicians. Stopping the lobby.

There is no need for biased interests to “buy control” in Washington D. C. unless it intends to undermine, manipulate and control the government through corporate corruption. Trump has taken action against interest representatives and even made rules to limit participation in the lobby after holding public office.

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